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Hello Whale Riders, welcome to We Love Whales.

It’s a beautiful day with lots of sparkles and it’s great to know you care about the Whales and the marine life of the ocean.

Are you ready to come on a journey with Rainbow Eagle and Friends as we travel the ocean learning about the web of life?

To play We Love Whales the Board Game purchase it from our website and follow the instructions with Youtube ready on your computer for the interactive parts of the game.

The Game includes the board, missions cards, instructions and lots of surprises.

Remember to read the instructions as there are preparations to do before playing.

Are you ready for lots of fun for you, your family and your friends?

The goal of this game is to become a Whale Rider: A caretaker of the land and ocean, travelling the dreaming of the Whales and learning the wisdom.

How to Play the Game

To begin the game, place your stones or shells in the center of the Earth then choose one and place it where you can see the starting position.

Role the dice and move. To finish you must travel around the Whale dreaming path three times, where you will gather your shell cards to become a Whale Rider

Your goal is to collect as many shell cards simply by answering questions
correctly and completing missions given. When correct answers are given you may move 3 spaces

There are some preparations for the flow of this game.

Activities can be from 1 to 11 minutes. Watching Youtube, sharing solutions, growing connections and learning arts and crafts.

As this game is an interactive web game, If you wish to choose to do an activity later in the game, simply choose another card.

There are three levels to play, developing your connection to your family and community and raising the awareness of the beauty that is all around us.

Levels 1 Becoming a Whale Rider (Play this game and you will be ready to download the next level)
Level 2 Whale Riders Dreaming (download from welovewhales.com)
Level 3 Whales Living Free (download from welovewhales.com

Each game includes age appropriate level for easy interactions (see on quiz cards)

To buy the game go to our Shop

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