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Enjoy a performance with the joy of being a Caretaker of the land. Rainbow Eagle is offering his interactive puppet show, Whale Riders Dreaming.

With a beautiful hand painted backdrops with Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and all the amazing sea creatures that live in the ocean.

Rainbow Eagle will share his story of being a Whale Rider and storytelling an interactive puppet show .

With a simple message, that inspire children to be aware of nature and the needs that are required to maintain harmony. Pollution being a mayor problem with sea life , our actions of keeping our ocean clean from rubbish,oil , chemicals and Human waste.

Whale Riders Dreaming includes an ambient musical performance from Rainbow Eagle playing the Didgeridoo , drums and flute. With special guest appearances, the audience will be dazzled. Meet arrange of Puppets and their unique characters, discovering interesting facts and knowledge . Learning about the Habitat of Whales and how we can all be Caretakers of the land ,ocean and sky. Our beautiful planet is ours to cherish and respect,living together in harmony.

Child Care Centers and Preschools

Performance are $250.00 per a show for 40 min up to 50 children may attained and parents are welcome.

Have your very own kids party at home or on the beach or picnic. support Rainbow Eagle to create awareness for our community.

See www.sparkleland.net for more info about other shows