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We love whales the board game can be played with interactive youtube link to wwww.welovewhales.com

With many links to people around the world, discovering the need to protect our ocean and creatures.

My name is Rainbow Eagle and I challenge your family to play and be the change for our future.

i have dedicate this game to the vision of living in harmony with mother earth and all beings.

The basic We Love Whales game is for children from 4 years, with the help of family and friends.
Parent will be sharing their knowledge of the environment with solutions that can be followed with success.

We encourage playing this game many time,  support  your  community to be educated  and feel your belonging.

Learn to tie boat knots, draw sea creatures, puppets, be inspired, and share your wisdom.

You can purchase puppets from www.secretgully.com.au or www.folkmanis.com

Includes, board, 50  cards , dice, bag of shells,stones and a whale relaxation cd


We Love Whales Board Game

Orders within Australia:

Enjoy playing We Love Whales the game with  your family, this is the full package, Recycle box , board, 50 cards, dice ,  puppet cd and a bag of shells. Includes postage within Australia.



International Orders:
Please email rainboweagle@sparkleland.net

Go to How to Play We Love Whales

Stickers For Sale

These stickers are available for wholesale for your shop. They can also be used for fund raising for shows, simply call Rainbow Eagle and you can get start. If your are an envirionment organisation you can use these sticks for fund raising too, great way to support We Love Whales project and your own.

set of four stickers $11.00 includes postage



$75.00 booking fee to confirm your place
Due to last years last minute cancelations from quite a few childcare centres we ask if you can pay this booking fee. Rainbow Eagle does travel long distance and requires all to maintain agreements. Thank you for all those who do.



$175.00 Prepay
This must be payed within two weeks from booking shows, only in selected area given by Rainbow Eagle or staff.



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