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Sponsor or Partnership

Thank you for visiting our Sponsors and Partnership information.

We are proud to have arrange of sponsor supporting us in our multimedia production to create more awareness about marine conservation .
With the launch of We Love Whales the Board Game.

Our offer to all those who love whales and wish to be a support in our venture , to take the opportunity to invest in our 4 levels of support and rewards.

We will only accept sponsor or partnership with ethical values of marine conservation.

Level 1
Start now by supporting We Love Whales The Board Game to be publish, simply order a product from our store, or prepay for a limited edition of our we love whales package fund raising.(See in our shop) Delivery of this special package will be within 8 weeks.
With a small investment you will receive a range of gifts for the family.
Beginning from just $22.00 to $200.00 you will have a chose to fit your budget and receive a quality product.

Level 2
This is your opportunity to have your business advertise as a link to a site as a sponsor.
We are wanting to included links that will offer ethical business good exposure of being involved in our project. A great chance to share your support .
Your sponsor can be financial or a gift to be shared in our school competitions.
These prizes will be given out every week .

Level 3
Investment of $10,000 will have the opportunity to be exclusively placed .
There will be 3 spaces offered for sponsorship to have their Trade Mark on the We Love Whales Board Game box.

Level 4
This would be suitable for any type of whale tourist adventure outlets.
If you are a Whale tour boat you can included you in our interactive YouTube Board Game being launch in September.
Your YouTube will be linked to a quiz question that will offer your tour boat an interactive exposure with an audience of friendly whale lovers from around the world playing with the family or friends as they discover the underwater world of the great barrier reef of Australia .

To ensure sponsor receive value for there investment we will keep our selections to minimal , with only 1 sponsor per a location .

With your investment of over $ 5000 you will receive Rainbow Eagle and Friends performance on your boat.

Each show being to the value of $1000 , you may have him visit as according to your total investment offered.

Rainbow Eagle