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Welcome to We Love Whales

We Love Whales The Board Game has been designed to educate the public about the beauty of Whales, the facts about their habitat and problems that are endangering all living creature of our ocean.

With many solution to support the changes required by all nations, we endure to create a community of Whale lovers that can help inspire people to be more involved with caring for our planet .

You can get involved and become a Whale Rider, Caretaker of the World.

Enjoy playing an interactive education game with links to YouTube films with amazing footage and facts about marine conservation.

Rainbow Eagle has been sharing his Sparkle Land stories for 18 years with over 80 000 children calling out with their heart singing. “We are the Caretakers of the Land.”

Introducing his new performance “We love whales”, sharing his adventures to the Great Barrier Reef with all the sea creatures and a range of puppets inspiring his audience to participating in his whale dreaming story time. Each child feeling how special they are , knowing they can become a whale rider caring for our planet.

Download Competitions pdf file

Email Rainbow Eagle: rainboweagle@sparkleland.net